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Fiat Professional Talento

95 - 145 HP
40.9 - 50.4 mpg (5,6 - 6,9 l/100km)
145 - 178 g/km (Euro6d-TEMP)



It’s extremely talented. Its load capacity is at the top of its category, it is compact and agile. Thanks to its interior space, versatility and ability to adapt to the most diverse needs, it is the perfect workmate for professionals. The new Talento is all this and so much more.
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Technology plays a huge part in every business. The new Talento benefits from the
latest technological advancements to improve your experience and effi ciency at work. The KEYLESS ENTRY/KEYLESS GO SYSTEM was carefully designed for the busy hands of a hard worker. Parking the Talento is made easy
with integrated REAR PARKING SENSORS or REAR CAMERA displaying image in the interior mirror. Complemented by the VIEWPLUS MIRROR, that reduces the blind angle and improves the lateral view. To help you find your next business destination, the new Talento comes complete with 7" TOUCHSCREEN RADIO NAVIGATION SYSTEM.


The new Talento is powered by a FULL RANGE OF EURO 6 ENGINES, including the reliable TWINTURBO ENGINE, with TRACTION + SYSTEM and ESC with HILL HOLDER: to let you work In any situation. A reliable, powerful and cost-effective engine that delivers UP TO 145 HP OF POWER. High performance combined with low consumption, the new Talento is the perfect tool for your work.


- 1.6 EcoJet S&S/MultiJet 95 HP
- 1.6 MultiJet 120 HP
- 1.6 EcoJet S&S 125 HP
- 1.6 EcoJet S&S 145 HP


Versatility is key when running a successful business. Whether it is goods or passengers, Talento is designed to effectively transport all of them, without losing the van's compactness – great for urban environment. Flexible and adaptable, you can easily load large objects from both side doors and rear doors. Offering UP TO 1.2 TONNES OF PAYLOAD, with space for 3 Euro pallets (starting from short wheelbase/low roof) and the possibility of also transporting long objects. They can be easily carried through the CARGOPLUS, an opening underneath the passenger’s seat that lets you fit objects UP TO 4.1 METERS in length, such as copper pipes. Talento has squared lines, implying its spacious interior and wide LOAD COMPARTMENT, UP TO 8.6 M3.


Benefiting from unique safety features, every professional, passenger or cargo will always arrive safely. Talento comes with ABS with EBD and HBA. ESC, with TRACTION + SYSTEM that transfers torque to the wheels, giving the best possible grip. The inclusion of HILL HOLDER technology aids you on steep roads, keeping your brakes activated for 3 seconds.


Traction+ is the innovative traction control system that improves the vehicle’s traction on the most challenging surfaces with poor grip. Under conditions of low grip from any drive wheel, the control unit detects slipping and applies the breaks, transmitting the drive torque on the wheel with the best grip on the ground. In this way, the vehicle’s performance is more comfortable, ensuring the best
stability and handling.
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Fiat Professional Talento

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